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In the ideal world – we would all live in a perfect society!
In that society there would be no bullying, intolerances, mental health issues, inequality, allergies, disabilities,


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As a word 'Autism' thirty years ago was not as common place in society usage as it is today,
It isn't so much that it was unknown more so a case of the awareness


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I am a lover of dogs, and have had the joys and privilege of enjoying their companionship for more than twenty years. None of them were trained to be Service dogs


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Whilst we are a business dedicated to casual wear for those predominately on the spectrum of autism, we are also here for those who may work, care for or live with us. But equally we are here for all of you who have ever felt differently, or misunderstood or just out of sorts with the rest of the world.
No one is ever too small to make a difference is my philosophy and l live by that motto every day. Say what you mean, and more importantly mean what you say is the main theme to our tee shirts, there is always a positive to be found from every negative, but above everything and all other clichés ‘be yourself’ and be proud to stand tall!
In addition to ASD, l also support the fantastic work of assistance service dogs and a have a passion for keeping our planet safe.
Welcome to our community, and l hope you enjoy your visit. I sincerely hope you will like what l do here as much as l do, and love wearing our products as much as l do!
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Our Tee Shirts:

  • Say what they mean...
  • Autistically Quirky
  • Eco Friendly
  • Soft to the Touch
  • Kind to your Skin
  • Originally Humorous
  • Mean what they say ...

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I have been environmentally motivated for a good many years now and hold strong beliefs and opinions about the preservation                

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Dogs for Good is an innovative charity, exploring ways dogs can help
people overcome specific challenges.


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Actions speak louder than words or so l was always told, and of course it is true. Saying something means nothing unless


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